Additive Manufacturing

Overview of the exhibits

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Additively manufactured bicycle frame

Cost-efficient low volume production: Selective laser sintering and fused deposition modeling with thermoplastic components allow tool-free, fast and cost-efficient manufacturing additionally to the freedom of design for workpieces. An example presenting the excellent structural properties (a.o. increased strength) resulting from additive manufacturing is the bicycle frame with continuous filament reinforcement.

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Multi-material solutions for tomorrow's digital gearbox

Smart gearbox components developed by the Fraunhofer IGCV demonstrates the interaction of different development areas, ranging from additive manufacturing to composite and foundry technology to digitalization.
The implementation of innovative gears by means of additive manufacturing, the functional integration within a cast housing as well as the one-step implementation of shaft-hub connections during CFRP production open up customized multi-material solutions.
Online process monitoring by means of intelligent sensor technology enables remote diagnosis and direct data evaluation, for example to predict failure probabilities and derive sustainable optimization potential.