Next Generation Communication

Overview of the exhibits

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UWIN - Ultra Reliable and Realtime Wireless Industrial Network

Industrial automation systems need to instantly react to events during the production process. This requires ultra low latency communication with a central control system. In order to enable flexibility in the deployment and to allow the integration of external sensors, wireless connectivity is required. Therefore, Fraunhofer IIS has developed an ultra-reliable low-latency wireless communication technology. It is deployable as a wireless extension or even as a substitute for wired fieldbuses.

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StationConnector is a software product that enables a uniform and flexible use of your machine data during running production. Your customer advantage is that you can manage this data independently and make it available for all common applications. Thus you will be enabled to test and develop new IT solutions and communication scenarios easily. This leads to a significant shortening of the entire development and integration time of new digital solutions.

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LeanDA – Wireless AI-enabled Process Analytics

Fraunhofer IPA’s LeanDA (Lean Data Acquisition) is an plug&play process optimization set. Through the combination of wireless multi-sensors with smart algorithms, the system creates transparency for both manual and automated processes. Edge-computing based AI algorithms recognize the executed process steps and calculate the crucial key performance indicators (KPIs) for these. As a result, process engineers are supported in their efforts to optimize processes by near-real-time assessment aimed at identifying waste.

Benefits for the customer
• Transparency for manual assembly and automated manufacturing processes, independent of existing IT-infrastructure
• Flexible plug-and-play solution to automatically uncover potential for optimization
• Inhouse developed modular sensor system in combination with embedded machine learning chips
• Interactive AI-Models for faster training of new processes utilizing the synergy of human intelligence and artificial intelligence
• Independent implementation: Optimize yourself

Unique selling proposition
Connection of flexible, mobile data acquisition and AI for the optimization of manufacturing processes