Lighthouse Project »SWAP«

Fraunhofer Group for Production

Heterogeneous, workload-optimized robot teams and production architectures

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The Fraunhofer lighthouse project Heterogeneous, workload-optimized robot teams and production architectures (»SWAP«) develops new technological concepts to shape the production of the future.

The foundation is provided by the scalable, cyber-physical production system »SWAP-IT«.  The versatility of the SWAP-IT architecture is demonstrated through four industry-relevant use cases.

"Within the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, we have joined forces with ten Fraunhofer Institutes and developed a new modular production architecture that accompanies the transformation to dynamic and flexible manufacturing environments and thus dissolves rigid production processes," project manager Niels Schmidtke explains on behalf of the consortium.

You can find more information on the lighthouse project »SWAP« here. Feel free to contact us!