Resilient Value Creation Systems

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Innovation Program

Resilient Value Creation Systems


Leading project »SWAP«

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft's leading project is intended to create the basis for manufacturing environments that collaborate in swarms.


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Here you will find a brief descriptions of all member institutes, services offered by the association and contact information.




Fuel cells: Bipolar plates for stacks

Researchers at Fraunhofer IWU are investigating new manufacturing techniques for bipolar plates. "Chemnitz Fuel Cells" are expected to cost significantly less to produce than previous manufacturing processes and will be mass-produced in the future. This is an important prerequisite for the energy turnaround. 



AI-supported component recognition also for SMEs

The latest technologies in digital image processing make possible what was unthinkable just a few years ago: object recognition with greater precision than a human being. However, the tools from basic research must first be made fit for industry. We have developed an intelligent, platform-independent assistance system for the identification of industrial goods.



Benchmark makes forecasting tools comparable

Spoilt for choice: Companies that want to profit from low or negative electricity prices need reliable forecasts of future electricity consumption. Because the market for forecasting tools is confusing, researchers from Fraunhofer IPA have developed a benchmark that compares solutions available on the market.




New ways to store regeneratively generated energy

TechnoboxX GmbH has a photovoltaic system, which generates an amount of energy of about 60 MWh per year on an area of 1500 m². With the aim of storing the surplus energy temporarily and reducing the external power purchase, the company and Fraunhofer UMSICHT coupled the plant with a vanadium redox flow battery storage system. 


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